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Black Arts Casting

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  • 1 Crackley bank
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
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Our second workshop is 800m away on Winpenny Road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 7RH

Site visits by prior arrangement only please as we operate a busy foundry with lots of hot metal moving about!


Please send in your work with a note that has your address, email address and instructions. Please place YOUR sender details on the rear of the parcel, this helps us when we get parcels with no notes (it happens a fair bit in the rush to get to the post office) – it means they won’t go into the anonymous pile until someone calls in complaining we haven’t sent their work back 😉

We will receive your work and place it in the work flow – we are cheap – we know this. We are cheap because we do not conduct any work in isolation (all work is pooled) as a single casting on it’s own after VAT, envelopes, invoice writing/printing, BACS transaction fess and tax can easily lose us money. Please try to stick to sending us no less than £25 worth of work per parcel/invoice.  That’s approximately 8 castings or 1 mould and 3 castings. Thanks for your understanding folks! (No, I won’t be increasing the invoice values, just a polite request to help keep us profitable).

If you need to know whether your item has arrived here, please try to use a tracked royal mail service and use their website to track it, we always sign BLACK. We have to answer this question many times per day and it delays everyone’s work as this is a very small team and we are the ones that make your items and do the admin. WE HAVE NEVER LOST AN INBOUND PARCEL, taking the time out of production to confirm a small order has arrived/track it through to workflow will likely wipe out any hope of making a profit on it.


We ask a week for casting and a week for moulding. If you need 3D models and printing, add a week. If you ask for finishing (outsourced normally) add a week.

If you are sending in finished waxes they will normally be completed in 1 week. Wax to cast item expect no shrinkage of any concern.


Opening hours: 09.00 – 18.00 Mon – Sat

  • 07866 494879 – Jon
  • Facebook and Facebook messenger are ideal contact points Black Arts Casting – Jon Black

Alternatively, please use our contact form below.

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