Our main work is in precious metals, gold alloys and sterling silver. We also have significant experience with other metals from pewter to platinum as well as industrial standard metals such as brass and bronze.

All our metals are responsibly sourced and can come with a full contents certificate by request. All our jewellery metals are free from lead and nickel as standard, our base metal grain can often be so upon request.

Our casting production line utilities;

  • Vacuum casting (inert N2 or Argon atmosphere)
  • Centrifugal spin casting for white metals
  • Induction melting
  • Oversize flask casting for sculpture/large objects
  • Customer metal flasks (scrap / family gold – all metal sent is returned)
  • Stone in place casting – this is highly specialised – please call to discuss before preparing models for SIP

Metals available

  • Gold alloys – 9,14,18,22,24ct
  • Sterling silver, Argentium, Eco Silver, Fine silver
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Platinum 950