Our pricing is very simple – you can probably work out your own prices using the formula we use to write invoices – no hidden fees, no extra costs for adding sprues, or removing sprues.

All work is sent pickled, de-sprued to within 1-0.5mm and magnetic pin polished unless requested otherwise.

Moulds – RTV or silicone rubber £12 for the smallest size up to 200 grams of rubber used, thereafter rubber is charged at cost depending on rubber used – nearly all moulds fall into the the above category.


Some smaller castings or earring pairs cost less than £3 per item/pair – please ask if this is your scenario

£3 for small castings – rings etc

£4 larger rings – super heavy gents rings/cocktail rings/30mm belt buckles

£6 regular bangles/large belt buckles

£8 American style belt buckles

£9 21cm twigs

Silver is charged at a standard £0.62 pence per gram subject to market fluctuations

Gold is charged at Cooksons daily rate + £1 per gram before VAT on 9ct and £2 on 18ct.

Platinum is £5 over Cooksons prices before VAT.

Base metals are included in the casting fees unless particularly heavy such as large belt buckles or super heavy rings and those metals average around £0.013 per gram, 1.3p

Shipping is £2.20 signed for on metal/casting fees of less than £25, Special Delivery is used on values over that at a cost of £7.80

All prices include VAT