Our moulding services cover many types of moulding technology. Mould designs are created dependent upon many factors, but always with the intention of maximising quality, optimising price and simplifying finishing. With this approacah you get the most saleable model, with the lowest possible finishing cost at a reasonable price – this combination almost always keeps us and you very competitive with our competitors.

Black Arts can mould from organic pieces to metal components. Waxes and certain rapid prototyping resins are often suggested for moulding before casting to offer an ‘insurance policy’ when casting a master or urgent job.

Our castings are guaranteed for satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with a casting, a free replacement casting service is always available.

RTV (room temperature vulcanising) moulds have about 2% shrinkage into most metals, up to 3% model dependent when casting into platinum.

Silicone rubber moulds are far superior to natural rubber moulds that the ‘trade’ use. Natural rubber is non releasing, and subject to wear in use. Natural rubber moulds are rated for approximately 500 injections before you will have to re-make it. Silicone rubbers DO NOT WEAR or reduce the surface quality of the cast item. If using a highly polished model a highly polished wax will be produced that will give a superb casting finish. Vulcanised silicone rubber moulds have 7% shrinkage in them and this must be planned for when creating masters.